Core Values

  • B : Best in Class
  • R : Respect towards employees, customers, stake holders and society
  • I : Integrity in everything we do
  • N : New management practices
  • D : Diversity
  • C : Customer satisfaction
  • O : Ownership and commitment

B – Best in Class

  • Always delivering what we promise with accuracy and specified timelines
  • Striving for continuous excellence in everything we do
  • Implement best practices and ensure it is accepted
  • Ensure the SOP's are prepared and implemented in the department

R – Respect towards employee, customers, stake holders and society

  • Respect means treat one another the way you expect to be treated
  • Honour the commitment given to the customers
  • Give the stake holders respect by honouring the contract you have signed
  • Avoid bad mouthing and talking behind someone

I – Integrity in everything we do

  • Being open and honest in all our dealings and maintaining transparency at all times
  • Confidentiality should be maintained at all times

N – New management practices

  • Implement new management best practices and adherence to SOP's
  • Welcome Change Management and Embrace change to take the company to the Next level

D – Diversity

  • Give equal opportunity to everyone at work place. Let there be no discrimination among race, gender, sex etc
  • Hire people who are competent and professional
  • Openness in meetings

C – Customer satisfaction

  • Deliver to the customer what is promised. Promise what you can deliver
  • Improve on the Customer satisfaction index
  • Take feedback positively and rectify concerns

O – Ownership and Commitment

  • Employees are hired for job completion and not just for the hours of work put it
  • Taking ownership of our customers’ needs and being accountable for delivering professional service
  • Work on deliverables with time frames. Productivity should be higher