1. Prices quoted are as appliable today. Similarly, an adjustment in the price by the manufacturer would mean that the price list will be revised suitably. Special packing charges, if required, will be extra.

2.  All other Central/State levies will be charged at the prevailing rates in addition to the price list.

3.  Exchange rate has been considered at Rs.63-00 per Euro and Rs.45-00 per USD. For fluctuation beyond 4% in the exchange rate, the price of the wines will stand revised by 2% each (for every 4% variation in exchange rate).

4.  Deliveries are free within Mumbai and Delhi. The cost of freight and insurance will be borne by the buyer in the other cities. All documents for the purpose of delivery, such as excise, TP or road permit etc., will be made available by the buyer.

5.  Lead time for delivery will be 21 working days in Mumbai and 12 working days in Delhi, subject to Government approvals. For outstation, the lead time will be six working days from receiving documents, such as excise permit etc.

6.  Our responsibility ceases upon delivery from the warehouse and no claim for loss, shortage and damage will be entertained thereafter. Also, goods once sold will not be exchanged or taken back.

7.  Vintages may vary from the price list, depending up on the availability at the time of delivery. In case of Grand Cru Classé wines, where prices may vary depending up-on vintages, the buyer will be taken into confidence before delivering wines, in case of vintage change.

8.  Payment is 50% advance against outstation supplies and balance on delivery. In case of local supplies, 100% payment against delivery. Dishonored cheques/failure of payment within 30 days will attract penal interest at 24% P.A. including bank charges.  

9.  Disputes if any are subject to Delhi jurisdiction only.

10.  Contact details and prevailing rates for charges. If you have any queries or comments in relation to these General Terms & Conditions, or for details of the prevailing rates for charges referred to in these Terms and Conditions, you can email us at, or call us on +91 11 40646666.