New South Wales

New South Wales is Australia's most populous state and its wine consumption far out paces the region's wine production. The Hunter Valley, located 130 km (81 mi) north of Sydney, is the most well known wine region but the majority of the state's production takes place in the Big Rivers Zone-Perricoota, Riverina and along the Darling and Murray Rivers.


The wines produced from the Big Rivers zone are largely used in box wine and mass produced wine brands such as Yellow Tail. A large variety of grapes are grown in New South Wales-including Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Sémillon.


Hunter Valley is located in the New South Wales’ state.

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The 14 wine regions of New South Wales represent a diversity of climate and terroir unequaled in any other Australian state.

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Victoria has more is the most dynamic wine producing region of Australia.

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