White Wines

From the classical “old world” wine countries like France, Italy and Spain, to the “new world” wine countries, coming from USA and Australia; we offer to you the most renowned white wines in the world. Whether it is a sweet, sparkling (from Australia or Italy), strong (a good chardonnay from Burgundy), please refer to the relevant section.


When it comes to sparkling wines, luxury and exclusivity, Champagne is the gold standard, the one with which all others are compared. The popularity and positive attributes associated with Champagne has caused many other sparkling wine producers, but only Champagne's reputation is firmly establish and symbolizes the "good life" to which all people could aspire. We are proud to be exclusive Indian distributor of the most renowned champagnes of the world: Louis Roederer, Pommery and Bollinger.

Red Wines

One of the greatest parts of our portfolio is the red wine section, representing some of the world’s rarest and most highly sought-after red wines such as Le Pin and Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Although our strength lies in the “Old World” regions as Bordeaux, Burgundy and Tuscany, we also propose the greatest red wines from the “New World” as the Napa Valley’s or Chilean wines. This category covers many different styles, grape varieties like the argentine Malbec or the well-known Nebbiolo from Italy, and price levels.

Rosé Wines

Whether it's rosé, rosado (Spain), rosato (Italy) or "blush" - these terms all refer to pink wine. This pink shade can range from a soft, subtle hue to a vibrant, hot pink, depending on the grape used and how long the grape skins were in contact with the juice. Rosés can be made in a sweet, off-dry or bone dry style, with most European rosés being decidedly dry.

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